After years of preparations, we are now ready to open the boat parks and the race office. Tomorrow is the big day, and many athletes will come to Aarhus during the next couple of days and weeks to get ready for the Worlds. Some athletes are already in the area and will arrive by sea from the nearby harbours, while others will arrive at the airport or drive to Aarhus.

As of tomorrow, it is also possible for the sailors to train on the 9 race courses that are spread over the bay of Aarhus. This will provide the athletes with important information about the waves, the wind and the currents which differ on the various courses.

The boat parks are equipped with bridges, a filling station and specially designed ramps. The boat parks are organised by class, and everyone will receive instructions to where their allocated boat slot is. The spaces will be numbered, and overview placards will be present at the entry to the boat park. Overnight security will be present.

Below you can see a couple of the ramps and the 300 Laser dinghies that are ready in boat park 3. The athletes in the Laser classes are provided with dinghies from the Laser Association in order to avoid competitive advantages. All other classes bring their own boats to Aarhus.




Here is an overview of the venue:


You can read more about the boat parks and their opening hours here.

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Best regards,
Cathrine Bianca Christensen
Communication Manager