We have just added a new programme for volunteers. It will be part of our overall sustainability programme, and it has been made possible with support from The Tuborg Foundation. The new team of volunteers will inspire our many visitors to take good care of the ocean and the maritime environment in general.
The team’s primary tasks will be to guide behaviour and start conversations with the guests and participants about sustainability. Furthermore, the volunteers will assist food stalls, coaches, athletes and guests in sorting their trash correctly. In order to make the team feel well equipped to communicating the messages about sustainability, they will be invited to a series of workshops. Here, they will get to know each other and learn how and why it makes sense to recycle the trash.

It’s our ambition to build a strong foundation of experience that can inspire others who are planning similar events – both in Aarhus and throughout the rest of the world. We also hope that the community will continue its great work at other events after the Worlds. Both initiatives are meant to help set new standards for sustainable events in the future.

The Worlds’ sustainability programme has been developed in collaboration with Worldperfect. Some of the initiatives include:

  • Waste management systems for the coach boats
  • Waste management on land
  • solar-powered shuttle ferry
  • Reusable drinking bottles for athletes and volunteers
  • 60 percent organic food for the volunteers plus degradable tableware
  • A learning area with a wide range of sustainable activities.

You can find more information about our sustainable initiatives here: aarhus2018.com/sustainability.