Aarhus Ø and Aarhus Bay will be busy places in august.

There will be athletes, trainers and journalists from around the world. There will be organisers, volunteers and sponsors plus the people who live at Aarhus Ø, and visitors who come to experience the unique event.

We are working together with various authorities, organisations, shipping companies, the police and Aarhus Harbour to make sure that everything will run as smoothly as possible.

The planning began several years ago, and all pieces of the puzzle are falling into place when it comes to the logistics on the water. That is very important for us, as careful planning, predictability and clear communication is crucial to create the high levels of safety and security that the event will have.

The daily traffic on the water

The race areas will consist of 9 courses on the Aarhus Bay. One of the large operators in the area that we need to pay regard to is the shipping company, Molslinjen.

The company’s high speed ferries, which are some of the largest in the world, will have to get in and out of Aarhus Harbour up to 24 times a day. This means that Molslinjen’s entry is a restricted area. If any athlete violates the proscription there will be a penalty score.

We are in close dialogue with Molslinjen and this will continue until after the Worlds. We will adjust our races according to their timetable, which means that some boats might be sent out 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time or that some races will be delayed for five minutes due to everyone’s security.

Everything will be coordinated in close collaboration between our control tower, the Marshall boats on the courses, Aarhus Harbour and Molslinjen. This also applies to any unexpected traffic.
Here is the map of the Race Course Areas:

The many months of planning will ensure that everything will run smoothly when it comes to the logistics on the water, and make it look effortless. We’re looking forward to implementing our plans in August.

If you have any questions regarding the logistics on the water during the Worlds, please contact Per Hjerrild at per@sailing-aarhus.dk


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Best regards,
Cathrine Bianca Christensen
Communication Manager