Aarhus will be an international gathering point in just five short months.

We have set ambitious goals for the Worlds. One of them is to attract sailors from 90-100 countries – and it’s going well. Registrations are coming in from all Olympic classes.

Status quo is that we now have participants from 82 countries.

Apart from the large seafaring nations, we have also received registrations from less experienced countries such as Namibia, Iran and Iceland. This makes us very happy, as one of our subsidiary goals is to spread the word about the joys of sailing even further.

It’s possible to attract countries of limited means, and countries where sailing is not yet an established sport through World Sailing’s Emerging Nations Program (ENP). The program offers financial support and tailored training to a range of sailors who wouldn’t otherwise have the means to participate at the Worlds. The program includes an intensive 2-week training program leading up to the Worlds, and coach support during the event among other things.

Together with World Sailing, we work to spread the word about the World Championships in Aarhus to small nations throughout the world. You can find more information about the ENP here.

Many things need to fall into place before we know the total number of sailors who will join us in Aarhus. The spots will be given to nations based on their size and the skill levels of their sailors. The national selections vary from country to country.

We’re optimistic and believe that we will reach our goals – you are very welcome to follow our planning and preparations on Facebook.


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As always, you can also find more information at: aarhus2018.com

Best regards,
Cathrine Bianca Christensen
Communication Manager