More and more volunteers join our community every day, and a great number of tasks have now been defined. The tasks are divided into various areas such as sailing, communication, media, event execution and the maritime festival.

Some of the teams are almost full, including VIP, sailing and transportation. Other teams are still looking for volunteers to join the planning and execution of the opening show, the maritime festival, parking, logistics, catering, IT and communication. Here is an overview of all the tasks at the Championships.

The other day, we caught up with a couple of the volunteers and asked them, why they have joined the community and whether or not they will recommend it to others.

Meet Anders. He is going to be on one of the track teams, and a driver for the press during the event. Anders knows exactly how close the press is allowed to be to the tracks, and he can provide the photographers and journalists with great inputs.

Anders, why did you decide to become a volunteer?

I think it’s fantastic that we are going to have such a large event in Aarhus. When I heard the news, I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of it. A lot of volunteers have helped me during the years, and now it’s time to give back to the community and to the sport.

What does it give you to be part of the Worlds?

First of all, it strengthens the bonds in the sailing community – and in the city as a whole. It makes me happy, and I’m sure that I will remember this experience for life.

Would you recommend others to join?

Definitely! Some of my friends have already said that they’ll join as well, so now we just need to figure out what they would like to do.

We would also like to introduce you to Margrethe. She will be a driver during the event. She already has a lot of experience from similar events, including the test event last year.

Margrethe, why did you decide to become a volunteer?

It feels very natural for me to be part of this event because I love the ocean. I’m proud of what Aarhus has become lately, and I can’t wait to be involved. Also, I’m really looking forward to seeing Aarhus Ø turn into a great setting for sailing and the maritime festival.

What does it give you to be part of the Worlds?

I get a lot of energy from being a volunteer here. I also like having access to the knowledge and information regarding the event. I can’t wait to meet all of the interesting people that I’ll be driving around. I love the community and the friendships that form along the way.

Would you recommend others to join?

Yes. Many of my friends have already joined on my recommendation, and I will continue to encourage others to join us.


As always, you are more than welcome to help us spread the word.

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Cathrine Bianca Christensen

Communication Manager