By Nicolai Lassen

Mrs. Salling is one of the most influential actors within the sector of culture and sport in Aarhus. Late this month a sculpture by the artist Jens Galschiøt will be revealed, which is the result of the project ‘Traces of History on the Harbour of Aarhus’.

The sculpture is of a hardworking docker who, by the sweat of his brow, founded the wealth and position of the city. Mrs. Salling developed this project in cooperation with LO Aarhus.

The idea of the sculpture is to create a frame for different cultural activities, just as the donation for the Hempel Sailing World Championships in the harbour area of Aarhus is supposed to.

The donation of DKK 3 million (approx. 48.5K USD/360K thousand GBP) is earmarked for a maritime festival with experiences for people of all ages. Mrs. Karin Salling wishes to make sailing more popular and more accessible through a maritime folk festival with experiences for everyone. A total of 400,000 people, audiences and guests are expected to visit the area of the event during the two weeks of the championships.

Mrs. Karin Salling herself declares, ‘We support the good life, whether that is the new sculpture of the docker of the past or our commitment to sailing in Aarhus. Our donations wishes to make the possibilities and activities on the harbour area and on the waters attractive to the young people of Aarhus.’

Previously the Salling Foundation have been involved in the establishing of Aarhus International Sailing Centre placed spectacularly at the promenade of the bay at Aarhus Ø. The centre is a significant boost to the sport of sailing in Denmark and the entire environment around Aarhus Ø. Within all the projects the Sailling Foundations are involved in, Mrs. Karin Salling herself is very active and dedicated and makes sure to keep up with the daily progress.

Mrs. Karin Salling attended the opening of Aarhus Sailing Week 2017 to greet the sailors, volunteers and organizers. ‘I look forward to the next couple of days, where I’ll be coming to the harbour, and I’m excited to meet the many sailors from all around the world,’ says Mrs. Karin Salling.