By Nicolai Lassen

Translation by Hannah K. Søndergaard

Reaching your goal – whether it be financially, within sport, professionally or within any other of the great pursuits in life – takes dedication. It takes 100% of your willpower. And it should be the greatest journey you can imagine!

That is the journey that the most talented sailors of Denmark now start in Egå Marina at Aarhus Sailing Week 2017. The goal is the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. The following is a selection of the participants, all dedicated to the goal.


2016 – 49erFx European Champs, Olympic Bronze and World Rank #1, the goal was reached for Team Jena and Katja. But then again, not exactly.

When Jena and Katja mounted the podium in Rio and won bronze after a Medal Race where they could have won gold, a new dream began.

“That gold medal was ours. We were sure we were going to win, and when we only reached bronze, we were both so disappointed that we weren’t the ones at the top of the podium.”

After a long holiday, away from sailing in the spring of 2017, they agreed to try again.

“Neither Jena or I are ready to give up the dream of a gold medal to the Olympics. That’s why we have decided to see whether we can make it happen in Tokyo,” Katja Salskov-Iversen tells us.

Jena will also be sailing the Volvo Ocean Race beginning in October 2017.

The two partners will therefore be training intensely all throughout the summer, December, January, March, the end of April and start of May. In July, they will be training on the Hempel Sailing World Championships tracks in Aarhus up until the event.

“In some periods, we will be training more intensely than others, but we see it as a positive contribution to our venture. Jena will be learning many new things, and I, on the other hand, will be working on building up my physical and mental strength. I feel sure that we will be standing at the top of the podium in Tokyo,” Katja declares.