Hempel announced as title sponsor for Aarhus 2018 Sailing World Championships The organization behind the Sailing World Championships has signed an agreement with global coatings company Hempel to be title sponsor of next year’s championships to be held in Aarhus, Denmark in July and August 2018. The event’s official title will be: “Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018”.

Held every four years, the Sailing World Championships is one of the biggest global sailing event in the world and the principal qualification event for the Olympic Sailing Competition.

The ‘Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018’ is expected to draw more than 1,500 sailors from 100 nations, as well as over 400,000 visitors, making it three times larger than the sailing events at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Its goal is to bring sailors and spectators closer together and spread enthusiasm, both at sea and on land, to help make sailing more accessible than ever before.

The Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard, Chairman of the Presidium behind ‘Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018’, is very satisfied with the signing of a title sponsor agreement, which sends a clear signal about the international perspective of the event.

“Hempel is a global company engaged in more than 80 countries. The title sponsorship indicates that the Sailing World Championships in Aarhus next year is not just the biggest single sports event ever held in Aarhus, but also one of the biggest international sailing events. As such, the title sponsorship is very much aligned with the ambitions and the positioning of Aarhus as an international event and sailing city.”

Hempel Group President and CEO Henrik Andersen agree. “To us, nothing is more natural than supporting the event in which the world’s best sailors meet and compete,” he says. “At Hempel, we cherish cooperation and high performance. This is reflected in our business strategy Journey to Excellence, where we seek to become excellent at everything we do, exactly as the world’s best sailors and their teams do. At the same time, we regard the event as a good opportunity for us to show what Hempel stands for, and how we look to support local communities, which is an important part of our values.”

According to Klaus Natorp, Head of the Sailing World Championships 2018, this makes Hempel the ideal main sponsor for the event.

He comments: “Hempel is an ambitious and innovative partner with great engagement in the sailing world. As such, the partners behind the World Championships and Hempel share the same values in many ways, as well as a common interest in bringing new energy to sailing and in creating a world-class event.”


Facts about the Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018:

  • Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018 will include all 10 Olympic boat classes. Kite surfing will be added to the programme for the first time.
  • The championships will be a unique and spectacular event, where sailing is made more popular and accessible than ever before.
  • In terms of the number of participants, the Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018 will be more than three times bigger than the sailing races at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
  • Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018 is the first big qualification for the Olympic games in Tokyo 2020.
  • Around 1,500 sailors from more than 100 nations will take part.
  • The event expects to draw 400,000 visitors to Aarhus.
  • Held concurrently to the Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, a large festival will provide maritime experiences for visiting families.
  • Dates: 30 July – 12 August 2018.
  • The Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018 are organised by The Danish Sailing Association, Sailing Aarhus, City of Aarhus and Sport Event Denmark.


Facts about Hempel:

  • As a world-leading supplier of trusted coating solutions, Hempel is a global company with strong values, working with customers in the protective, marine, decorative, container and yacht industries. Today, we employ 6,000 people in 80 countries.
  • Across the globe, our coatings protect structures and equipment from corrosion. They extend asset lifetimes, reduce maintenance costs and bring colour to homes and places of work.
  • As guardians of our customers’ most valuable assets, we work closely with our customers on every project, large or small. We come from almost every corner of the world and speak many languages. But wherever we work and whatever we do, we always make sure our customers enjoy the renowned Hempel quality and service.
  • Hempel was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1915.
  • Hempel is proudly owned by the Hempel Foundation, which supports cultural, humanitarian and scientific objectives around the world.
  • See more at www.hempel.com

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